Rythm excercise

Rythm excercise

Textile design researcher Barbara Jansen on her work which is on show at Building with textiles:

I was happy to be invited to participate in the exhibition Building with Textiles. As a textile design researcher I am specialised in the area of light emitting textile surfaces. The work I am presenting at the exhibition is Rhythm exercise, an installation based on two hanging braided structures. The three-dimensional braided artefacts are each based on thirteen lengths of PMMA optical fibres. They are lit by LEDs and programmed to create moving patterns of white light using a microcontroller digital interface. They have been designed to show different qualities of lighting interplay using varying rhythms and speeds.

Besides that the video Light Textiles – 3D Animation shows application possibilities for light emitting textile structures in the interior space. The original textile surfaces have been created through the integration of PMMA optical fibres in industrial woven structures.  The Light Textiles have been developed by me from 2005-2014 and the 3D animation (2014) has been created by Henrik Bengtsson.

Since 2009 I am working on my PhD research at The Swedish School of Textiles, to be completed in spring 2015 with a Solo exhibition at the Textile Museum in Borås, Sweden.

Barbara Jansen