For students

‘Plenty of food for thought’ is how the dozens of students who we supervise every year during various internships and work placements experience the TextielLab. The TextielLab gives students the opportunity to carry out projects in a workshop setting and to use all the techniques, materials and the knowledge of the specialists who work here.

Tailored subject material

The TextielLab is a centre for development. It is not only ideal for professionals, but also welcomes students. Here they can use the passementerie, embroidery and laser-cutting techniques. Knitting and weaving are only available to students in the final year of their study programme. The TextielLab applies a strict selection procedure in this respect and internships last three to six months. Embroidery and laser-cutting internships last one month.

The available places are for students who study at a textile, fashion, or design academy, and for students who have recently graduated and wish to gain experience in their chosen discipline. The TextielLab gives students a reduced price for selected projects.

Selection for knitting and weaving projects

We select approximately 6 projects (per academic year) that are carried out in the TextielLab. The selection procedure is open to students who are in their final year of the program.

Students can submit an application up to and including 27 February 2020. This application consists of an extensive clear, concise description of the project including images and / or sketch design, a portfolio and a motivation why the student wants to work in the TextileLab.

The TextielLab’s selection committee assesses students’ applications and makes binding decisions on whether proposed projects get a green light. The committee consists of a group of technical and specialists who work in the TextielLab, including curators and product developers. Keep in mind that many applications are made. Requests for which image material or portfolio is missing will not be processed. Working period TextileLab: April – June

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