Secrets of making | Artists and designers in the TextielLab

26 June 2021 t/m 8 May 2022

Please note: TextielMuseum is closed due to a lockdown in the Netherlands. Read more about the current situation in the museum here.

Every day, you can find artists and designers working in the TextielLab, the specialised workshop of the TextielMuseum. These creatives come from far and wide to Tilburg to work closely with the product developers and the experts of the Lab. Together, they develop works of art, fashion collections, products or prototypes. How do these makers work? Are they working on commission, or on the next step in their artistic practice? Do they work autonomously or in an applied manner? “Makers’ secrets” focuses on the design and manufacturing process that partly takes place behind closed doors: in the workshop or studio of an artist, and in co-creation with the technical experts of the TextielLab.

“Makers Secrets” shows the workshops and studios of the makers, and also shares the stories of the technical experts in the Lab. How do they see their role in this process? With work by Otobong Nkanga, Koen Taselaar, Inés Sistiaga, Jef Montes, Sigrid Calon, Tanja Smeets, Tess van Zalinge and more.