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In the series #madeinthetextiellab we highlight the most innovative, sustainable, or inspiring textile projects that have been developed in the TextielLab over the years, mostly in commission of the TextielMuseum. Today, we will take a closer look at the innovative project ‘Super Folds’ by 

Samira Boon

The Dutch designer Samira Boon has a background in architecture and is interested in creating 3d structures and spatial applications. During her stay in Japan, she got intrigued by origami folding techniques. It inspired her to develop a fabric in the TextielLab that, after being woven, would be easy to fold along pre-programmed lines. This resulted in ‘Super Folds’, a series of innovative foldable fabrics, commissioned by the TextielMuseum and proudly #madeintextiellab.

Making process

In the project ‘Super Folds’ Samira Boon researched how foldable lightweight structures could be functional as dividing screens or acoustic objects. She developed the innovative foldable textiles together with the TextielLab between 2013 and 2016. Throughout several phases, Boon and the weaving experts from the TextielLab researched the possibilities of pre-programming folding lines in woven textiles. She also explored the aesthetic and tactile properties of her spatial designs. To weave these big lightweight folding structures on the loom it needed expertise of complex mathematical folding techniques, research on lightweight yarns and suitable bindings. Especially for this project the TextielLab asked a external expert to set up a warp of transparant polyester monofilament. All this technical research contributes to the innovative power of the project. In this video you will see how the ‘Super Folds’ were made in the TextielLab and what challenges we faced in developing a new way of textile folding.⠀


Samira Boon’s ‘Super Folds’ were shown in the Noord-Brabant provincial headquarters in ’s-Hertogenbosch. Another folded fabric from the series became part of the interior design of Theaters Tilburg. More recently, ‘Archi Folds Y’, which is a follow up of the ‘Super Folds’ project, is part of an exhibition in museum TAMAT in Belgium.⁠⠀


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