Our computer-controlled Dornier Jacquard looms can be used to weave complex and innovative fabrics.


Weaving is the interlacing of horizontal and vertical threads to make textiles. The vertical threads are wound onto a warp roller adjacent to each other and the horizontal threads are wound onto a shuttle. A wide variety of materials with different textures and properties can be woven.
This technique is used to produce, for example, wall hangings, soft furnishings, fashionwear and household textiles.

Yarn collection

Because we invest in research and the procurement of special types of yarn, we can guarantee that the world’s most extensive yarn collection will be available to you in the TextielLab. We work with sustainably produced yarn from European suppliers as much as possible. We also research specific applications for different types of yarn in textile products.


All fabrics exit the machine unfinished. They can be given a high-quality finish after mechanical processing. The TextielLab has its own assembly studio where experienced tailor cutters can trim and finish most products completely in accordance with your wishes.

Working in the TextielLab

Would you like to weave in the TextielLab? First, you have to submit a request, which we will assess for motivation, innovative merit and level of artistry. In this respect, the TextielLab focuses on outfitting, art and fashion projects. If there is a match, an intake will take place to see whether your proposal is feasible.

How to submit a design

  • Please submit digital designs in Photoshop or Illustrator with 36 pixels per centimetre.
  • The maximum possible width of designs is 6114 pixels per centimetre, which equals 170 cm.

Technical specifications

The TextielLab has three computer-controlled Dornier Jacquard rapier looms that can each hold 6114 warp threads. The maximum weaving width is 170 cm. After shrinkage, woven fabrics have a width of approximately 165. Nedgraphics software is used for preparing designs and patterns.

Request form


Within 10 working days Front Office will contact you about your filled in form. Please respect this period.