In the TextielLab, you can manually tuft rugs to the desired pile height in patterns with sometimes as many as nine colours per square centimetre.


Tufting involves making a pile rug or wall hanging by hand. Tufting machines use pneumatic force to press a U-shaped piece of yarn through a backing fabric. Carpets are tufted to the desired pile height in a single operation so that no waste is produced. The pile height is altered by cutting the yarn shorter or leaving it longer.
This technique is suitable for any designer, artist or architect who wishes to take the time to make truly exclusive wall and floor coverings, and fashionwear.

Yarn collection

In TextielLab, you will work with the tufting yarn collection that we permanently keep in stock. These yarns can be dyed in the desired colour in the lab. The TextielLab also invests in research and purchases special yarns. We work with sustainably produced yarn from European suppliers as much as possible. We also research specific applications for different types of yarn in textile products.


After they have been tufted, rugs can be given a high-quality finish and a rubber backing layer. In this way, they can be put into use immediately after production.

Working in the TextielLab

Do you want to use the TextielLab’s tufting facilities? First, you have to submit a request, which we will assess for motivation, innovative merit and level of artistry. In this respect, the TextielLab focuses on outfitting, art and fashion projects. If there is a match, an intake will take place to see whether your proposal is feasible. Because tufting is manual work, please take long production times into account. The average lead time for tufting projects is four to six months.

After the intake, we will send you a work proposal and an offer. As soon as we receive confirmation of our offer, we will schedule the work your project involves. In order to achieve optimal end results, you should be present in the TextielLab as much as possible during the development phase.

Delivering a design

  • Please supply a picture, sketch or photo of the type of object you want to make.

Technical specifications

The studio has a large tufting frame measuring 2.75 x 9 metres and a number of test frames measuring 1 x 1 metre. The frames are strung with grey polyester canvas.

Price indication

The m2 price for tufted objects varies from € 750 to € 2,000, depending on the level of detail of the design, the number of colours, the pile density and the yarn used.

Request form


Within 10 working days Front Office will contact you about your filled in form. Please respect this period.