At the TextileLaundry of the TextielMuseum, you can have your beautiful tableware treated with professional skill.

Opening hours
Tuesday to Friday 10.00 to 17.00 (delivery and pick-up service)
Saturday & Sunday 12.00 to 17.00 (delivery)

Damask laundry for antique and modern table linen
The renewed attention for ‘table culture’ makes beautiful table linen rise in popularity. In the laundry you can threat your beautiful table linen in a traditional way.

A piece of history
One of the companies that already devoted itself to the manufacturing of beautiful, hand-woven table linen  in the middle of the 19th century, was the Brabant weaving W.J. vvan Hoogerwou & Zonen. This company is closed in 1970, but the rich heritage can still be admired in the TextielMuseum. It consists not only of the original handloom, but also from an extensive archive of patterns and the beautiful table linen itself. Part of the DamaskWeaving is the laundry. The table linen can be washed, mangled, be put in the 24 hours linen press and finally – to prevent it becoming yellow – wrapped in blue paper. .

Pricelist (all prices are VAT included)

Table linen                                                   2018

Finger wipes with size up to                     50 x 50 cm                          €   3,20 per piece

Napkins with size up to                            70 x 70 cm                          €   4,20 per piece

Table napkins with size up to                   95 x 95 cm                          €   4,20 per piece

Table cloth                                                per m²                                 €   4,20 per m2

White                                                         per table cloth                    €  14,90 per table cloth

White                                                         per servet                           €   3,20 per napkin

Tassels                                                     per linear meter                   €   4,20 per linear meter

If you choose to send your table linen to us, an amount of € 17,50 (excl. VAT) will be charged for the shipping and handling.

Table linen means also embroidery table cloths.
Colored table linen will not be taken in. We request you to provide the table linen as a complete set (even if certain parts haven’t been used) to prevent discoloration.  By washing the table linen always lightens in color.

Delivery by post
You can send your table linen to:


T.a.v. afdeling Damast wasserij

Goirkestraat 96

5046 GN  Tilburg

Postal charges for  sending are for your own account.

We will confirm receipt of the washing assignment in writing to you according to above listed rates. 

Delivery in the TextielShop
You can deliver your table linen during opening hours of the museum in the DamaskLaundry or otherwise in the TextielShop. You will be given a proof of receipt. Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday 10 am-5 pm, Saturday and Sunday 12 am – 5 pm. For opening hours during holidays please see our website www.textielmuseum.nl.

Pick up table linen

U can pick your table linen up from Tuesday to Friday from 10 am  till 17 pm. If you’ll pick up the table linen, i twill be paid in cash. Pay by ATM is possible.

For questions about your laundry call the DamaskLaundry: 013-54 94 583 (Tuesday-Friday 10 am-2:30 pm). For other questions please contact by email info@TextielLab.nl or call the TextielLab: 013-54 94 575 (Tuesday and Thursday 10 am-5 pm, Wednesday morning 10 am-1 pm).

Conditions for washing table linen

No coloured Damask

Deliver a complete set of Damask to prevent discolouration.

The table linen is washed with the machine and drying and pressing is done entirely by hand, excluding the risk of damage. Severely damaged are not taken into consideration, nor articles made of silk, wool etc.

The table linen is treated with the utmost care; we shall not be liable for damaging which can occur, by any cause.

Since we have a limited number of experienced and caring craftsmen we can only take a limited amount of table linen at the same time.

The linen will be send to you or you can pick it up.