Visit  TextielLab

Visit TextielLab

The TextielMuseum is a working museum. Besides inspiring exhibitions, the TextielMuseum features a highly innovative TextielLab. In the TextielLab, visitors are welcome to watch designers, artists and architects at work, getting a unique peek into a world that is normally out of sight. By experiencing first-hand how tests are conducted and products are made, you as a visitor will become part of the creative process.



by TextielMuseum

The comprehensive collection of the TextielMuseum and the technical expertise of the TextielLab are powerfully combined in 'by TextielMuseum'. An exclusive label for domestic textiles designed by top designers, masterly woven in the TextielLab. Heritage, an important source of inspiration, is translated into fabric on state-of-the-art machinery, while artisanal finishing techniques ensure a distinctive end product.
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