Guided tours

Guided tours

Find out all about the TextielMuseum in an inspiring guided tour.
You can choose between three different tours.

General information

€ 75,- per hour, admission is not included.

Duration and group size
A tour lasts 1 hour. A maximum of 15 people per guide.

Guided tours are provided in Dutch. English tours are possible upon request.

Sign up
If you want to book a guided tour, please use the application form. An application for a tour can be submitted up to two weeks before the chosen date.
Groups over 60 participants and/or comprehensive programs will have to sign up earlier.

Conditions museum visit
Read the rules and regelations.


Guided tour Industrialisation

The history of the textile industry in Tilburg

What was it like, in the earlier days, in a textile factory? How were textiles produced before there were factories? What does the term ‘Kruikenzeiker’ (jug pisser) mean? During this tour, all these questions will be answered. You will visit the Woollen Blanket Factory with the steam engine and the DamaskWeaving and special attention will be paid to the building, which originally was a textile factory.

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Guided tour TextielLab

Watch an artist at work

The TextielLab is the ‘beating heart’ of the museum; an innovative workshop where research and experiment are main pillars. Every day, our experts work on extraordinary textile products together with designers and artists. Walking through the Lab, you will be introduced to all techniques available: weaving, knitting, laser-cutting, embroidery and tufting.

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Guided tour Temporary Exhibitions

Every year, the TextielMuseum offers four exhibitions. Our tour guide will take you to the collection - and the theme exhibition (with a focus on textile art, design or fashion) and tell you about the making process of several objects. Of course, the TextielLab plays an important role in this as well.

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