One of the Exhibitions can be found in the old DamaskWeaving. Shiny, linen damask with its subtle play of shadowy figures and patterns decorated many dining tables in earlier days. The tablecloths, with matching small and large napkins, formed part of the trousseau of women from well-to-do circles.


One of the companies that had dedicated itself to providing beautiful, hand-woven linen ever since the middle of the 19th century was the weaving company W.J. van Hoogerwou & Zonen (Sons). This company closed in 1970, but its rich legacy can still be admired in the TextielMuseum. Not only the original hand-weaving looms, but also an extensive archive of pattern drawings, Jacquard cards, sample books and the attractive linen itself is shown.


Adjacent to the DamaskWeaving and TextielLaundry, you can find exhibitions of various damask tableware. 

See the current exhibition list for up to date information about these presentation.

The opening hours of the DamaskWeaving correspond with those of the museum.