About the museum

Our ambition

Textiles are in our DNA. We are all about textiles. And we let our visitors see and feel the important position that textiles occupy in our daily lives.

The transformation into a makers museum

The TextielMuseum stands on the eve of an ambitious renewal programme that has the aim of retaining and further expanding the unique position it occupies. Our policy spearheads are education, cultural entrepreneurship and socially responsible business practices. We regard making the museum even more accessible in the future as our mission. We not only make the latest technologies for designing and making textile objects available to professionals, but also to visitors. We are also further expanding our position as an incubation centre for talented young designers and we are increasing our range of educational programmes for schools and colleges.

Behind the scenes, we are already working hard on the new museum concept. The first steps have been taken towards the transformation into a makers museum. In this concept, our workshop – the TextielLab – will be further integrated into the museum as a whole and enable us to establish an ideal learning and working environment for visitors as well as professionals.