TextielMuseum and  Zuiderzee Museum proudly present a unique collaboration in Milan

TextielMuseum and Zuiderzee Museum proudly present a unique collaboration in Milan

Glithero – Made to Measure on display during the Salone del Mobile 2014 

Zuiderzee Museum and TextielMuseum proudly present a unique collaboration during the prestigious Salone del Mobile. In 2013 two museums of the Netherlands commissioned design duo Glithero to create a project on the subject of immaterial heritage. The designers sought to identify the nature of craftsman’s know-how’ by means of an original intervention; the attempt to weave fabrics from music organ punch cards. By the translation of one craft language into another, they create a window into the introvert world of the craftsman’s practice whilst in parallel revealing issues about the preservation of wisdom, know-how and knowledge of craftsmen in general.

The result is a film installation that shows the collaboration of the two craftsmen, the artefacts and material outcomes of the project, and a fabric showcasing the beauty of the punch cards and their abstract pattern of holes.

Presentation in Milan
Tuesday April 8th till Sunday April 13th
Opening hours: 10 am – 8 pm / Wednesday April 9th till 10 pm / Sunday April 13th till 6 pm
Lambretto Art Project
Address: Ventura Lambrate, Via Cletto Arrighi 19, Milan

Zuiderzee Museum – Woven Song
For this project Glithero created a modern interpretation of traditional techniques. Glithero chose the workmanship of the maker of music books for street organs, and of the weaver because of the distinct connection between the two crafts: in each case the craftsman punches cards and these cards drive a machine. The designers studied the techniques of the craftsmen and together devised a method of translation in order to weave organ music in textile. The fabrics were woven at the TextielLab of the TextielMuseum in Tilburg.

TextielMuseum – Playing Cards
Playing Cards is a sibling of Woven Song. It was commissioned by the TextielMuseum and developed in the TextielLab. This tablecloth and napkins are an ode to the coded pattern books used in all Jaquard woven fabrics. The design for the tablecloth is a curious inversion. The traditional coded card that creates the pattern now becomes the subject of the pattern itself. The remnants of the punch process led to the pattern design of the napkin – an increasing pile of confetti.

The Zuiderzee Museum and the TextielMuseum
The Zuiderzee Museum is oriented toward art, culture and heritage around the former Zuiderzee area with an outdoor museum, and an indoor museum with several exhibition areas. The TextielMuseum is a working museum where innovation takes central stage in the TextielLab. It also brings inspiring exhibitions in the field of design and art and offers educational programs.

Glithero comprises of Sarah van Gameren (The Netherlands) and Tim Simpson (England). They first trained as designers in their respective countries and afterwards attended the Royal College of Art in London. Since that time they have been collaborating on projects that invariably emphasise ‘the magic moment of transformation’.  

With special thanks to: BankGiroLoterij, Mondriaan Fund, Vereniging Vrienden van het Zuiderzee Museum, Van Heemstra-Meybaum fonds + Ars Donandi and Glithero

Read about this project on Dezeen.com

  • Published at: 28 March 2014