Damask weaving and laundry

Table cloths with matching small and large napkins made from glossy, damask linen, exquisitely woven with intricate emblems and patterns, used to form part of the trousseau of women from wealthy families. 

Damask weaving: an impression of an ancient traditional craft

One of the TextielMuseum’s exhibition spaces has been transformed into a damask weaving workshop. From the middle of the 19th century onwards, the Brabant weaving mill, W.J. van Hoogerwou & Zonen, specialised in the production of beautiful, hand-woven linen. The company closed down in 1970, but its rich heritage can still be admired in the TextielMuseum. Our collection contains authentic original handlooms, an extensive archive of pattern drawings, Jacquard cards, sample books and magnificent linen objects. Our damask table linen exhibition changes every year. 

Damask laundry: for your modern table linen

Attractive table cloths are totally back in fashion. Within the Damask Weaving workshop is a damask laundry.  You can also have your beautiful table linen laundered using traditional methods. It is washed, put through a mangle and laid in a linen press for 24 hours before being wrapped in blue paper (to prevent yellowing). 

Do you want to get your table linen washed?