Busstop nearby TextielMuseum temporary out of use

Due to road work nearby the Julianapark the busstop Kasteeldreef in front of the TextielMuseum is temporary out of use. The replacement stop is the Hasseltstraat. It's a 5 minute walk to the museum from this busstop. For more information check the website of 9292.

Busstop nearby TextielMuseum temporary out of use2018-04-20T13:21:40+02:00

VIDEO | How cultural funds contribute to the TextielLab

Creative Industries Fund NL selected the TextielLab of the TextielMuseum to show how cultural grants can contribute to a better and more sustainable world. We are one of the 441 projects of designers and programmes of 79 cultural organisations and festivals that receive grants by the Fund. Amongst the TextielLab the fund also selected projects by artist Jalila Essaïdi, fashion designer Barbara Langendijk and jewelry designer Noon Passama.

VIDEO | How cultural funds contribute to the TextielLab2018-04-11T16:39:47+02:00

Design Academy Expo at TextielMuseum

The textile industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. In the minor Reframing Textiles 2017-2018, 3rd year students of the Design Academy Eindhoven looked at textiles through the lens of the Anthropocene, the epoch from which the significant human impact on climate and atmosphere has started. We are forced to reinvent our methods of production, consumption, recycling and use, as well as our aesthetics. What are the responsibilities and opportunities for the designer in this context?

Design Academy Expo at TextielMuseum2019-07-26T08:53:29+02:00