Design Contest - Reinventing Textiles

Design Contest - Reinventing Textiles

Design Contest - Reinventing Textiles
TextielMuseum | TextielLab presents: the DesignContest 2017 - REINVENTING TEXTILES, the international contest in the fields of design and textile for upcoming talent. We invite students, professionals and amateurs older than 16 years to participate!

Research, development and design are important pillars within TextielMuseum I TextielLab and are brought to the attention of a wide audience with the DesignContest. For several years in a row, TextielMuseum | TextielLab organizes new challenging assignments. For the DesignContest 2017 the theme is: 'Reinventing Textiles'.

We live in a society where many of us throw away things quickly when they are out of fashion or seem just a tiny bit worn. The contemporary design world is about material and its use. Designers seek both high and low tech ways to rediscover the materials and elements they work with and apply innovative ways to create a product. Materials are recycled and upcycled to give new life to texture, form and colour.

The assignment
Design a special product or material application in which the theme ‘Reinventing Textiles’ adds value to the design.

Consider which (textile) objects you tend to throw away and how to give it a second life as an interior product, toy or item of clothing with a high design value. For example, a curtain shaded by the sun, worn clothes, a carpet that’s been walked on over and over again etc. Think about ways to repair, decorate, embroider, unravel, trim, smear, refurbish or customize textiles or apply textile techniques to non-textile materials.

How can you apply the wearing and tearing in a positive way and use it in a design or product? Research, experiment, learn the origination techniques of materials and innovate. Upcycle instead of downcycle - make ragged outfit textile products that are attractive to you.

Participation - tips and conditions
Design a special product or material application that is contemporary and surprising. Visit our Museum and the Lab to get a good idea of what we do and what the possibilities are. Think of design in form as well as product features, choice of material and usability.

The jury
Simone Post - Designer
Martijn van Strien - Yarn expert TextielLab
Suzan Russeler - Conservator TextielMuseum

The work of the winners will be exhibited at the museum in December 2017. The winning designs will also be highlighted in the newsletter, on the website and in social media channels of the TextielMuseum. 

First prize | € 250 shop amount in the TextielShop(web). Free admission to the museum, for 2 persons incl. lunch at the TextielCafé and an overnight stay in the Textile Room of Hostel Roots in Tilburg.
Second prize | € 150 shop amount in the TextielShop(web).
Third prize | € 50 shop amount in the TextielShop(web).
Public Price | € 50 shop amount in the TextielShop(web).

Delivery specifications and important dates
- Pictures of at least 2 material samples and design sketches;
- Written motivation (max. 200 words);
- In case of a specific finished product, 3 pictures of your work (Max. 1 MB, in jpeg or PDF).

Send your designs, materials and motivation to
Are your files larger than 2 MB? Then send them via WeTransfer or a Dropbox link to

Between September 1 and October 30, 2017, all designs can be submitted.
Your design must be in our possession by October 30 at 17:00. The prize ceremony will take place on the 26th of November 2017 in the TextielMuseum.

We’re looking forward to your submission!


The Design Contest is made possible with financial support from the VSB Fund and the Prince Bernhard Culture Fund.